Straying off topic with my second post… However, I can’t contain my excitement about a show I am currently watching.

Of course, it’s HBO. It’s called WestWorld, a fictitious park, clearly meant to be an amusement park for people. The park’s amusements, however come not from rides, candy cotton or water slides. The people who visit this park are attended by hosts who are actually robots. But so far into the future is this world set that robots are completely life like. They blood, hair, eyes and skin. They can die and compose their own thoughts and opinions (within certain limitations.)

The Crux

The plot of the story begins to unveil when various character hosts being doing strange things. Usually, the hosts reiterate through the same plot every day and new guests arrive and interact with them. For example, the sheriff is always posting a “wanted” poster for famous bandit in the town square and giving a reward for his capture.

Things slowly but subtly change over a couple episodes when the hosts begin to acts strange. In the early episodes this is attributed to a code update that the park’s creator has released. Updates are meant to alter the hosts behaviour so that the plot lines change or their behaviour becomes more life-like. The head of the coding unit notices this change in the behaviour of the hosts but doesn’t tell upper management about it due to his deep loyalty and respect for the park creator.

In an example of how a host changes their behaviour is Delores, the parks oldest host. Delores is programmed not to be able to pull the trigger of a gun. Also, her memory is erased after every night so that she has no recollection of what happened the previous day. Somehow, due to the update she is able to, over time, recollect small bits and pieces of her previous experiences. When, one night, another park host is about to abuse her, she is able to remember some of the horrific experiences she overstep her code so that she pulls the trigger of a gun and shoots him.

Meanwhile, the park creator is becoming increasingly strange. He hints of grandiose plans he has for the park to the park board, represented by a middle aged woman from upper management. The park is in financial trouble due to its high maintenance costs and the board is looking to the creator for answers.



The creator of the park, WestWorld, played by Anthony Hopkins. From TheVerge.com


Is the strange code update causing the hosts to act out of line part of the creator’s plan? What does he want to do? The hosts continue to act more human-like but it sounds like he wants to destroy the park in a grand finale.

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