Holiday Vibes

The new year has begun but I’m still in the holiday vibes. Everyone is posting on social media how horrible 2016 was, how 2017 is a fresh start. Do people always bash on the old year and hope for a fresh start? Or is this truly a 2016 occurrence?

I truly enjoyed this Christmas and New Years. My girlfriend and I spent Christmas on Vancouver Island close to my family but before that we attended some awesome holiday parties. My friend who does sales for  Vancouver Wedding DJs invited me to his work party and it was awesome! He’s friends with all the DJs that work for the company, some were so eager to attend they from out from places 1-2 hours away. Not to mention the roads were in white-out conditions, so I’d say that’s dedication. What an awesome group of guys and girls.

Another party I really enjoyed for different reasons was my girlfriend’s work party. The reason being is that they had an open bar 😉 and it was held at the Sheraton Wall Centre. Fancy-pantsy….

Sheraton Wall Centre

Sheraton Wall Centre, via

Finally, the least fancy party was my own work party but it was definitely the most fun! We did a potluck dinner with lots of wine and beer, perhaps a little too much. But that made the game of Cards Against Humanity all the better.

But let’s get to the point folks…

Best Holiday Movies of 2016

Office Christmas Party

This movie really has hit a bit of a low point in the holiday movie tradition. It has a 6/10 rating on IMDB and 41% on Rotten Tomatoes. In reality, most Christmas movies since the Metropolitan have really been only mediocre. Okay, okay Home Alone was an exception…

Jennifer Aniston’s style of acting hasn’t really changed and if are a loyal fan you’ll appreciate that. The plot line is not riveting but kind of fun and we can all remember one Christmas office party that went terribly wrong.

Almost Christmas

A very similar rating of 6/10 on IMDB and 48% on Rotten Tomatoes, Almost Christmas is certainly nothing to rave about as well. Beginning to see a trend in recent Christmas movies? Hollywood needs to step it up, I think otherwise I think I’ll have to get off Christmas movies for good.

The plot follows the pre-Christmas time of a slightly dysfunctional family. The father has recently lost his wife and he asks for the adult children and grandchildren to get along. They each have their personal struggles to get through but finally things dissolve into a great Christmas holiday.


The holidays might have become ultra mainstream (you might say I’m too hipster) but I think we can all agree that sometimes it’s good to tune off your brain – especially with relatives hollering at us! 🙂

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